16.72 Miles. What happened to being my best for myself?

I still feel things toning up, so that’s always good. Earlier this week, I read a blog post where a lady expressed a desire to lose weight so that she could meet more men/have a relationship. It made me think about reading the lingerie catalog from Nordie’s. The catalog was full of romantic photos of ladies in their pricey brandy skivvies with their handsome dudes. I figured there was nothing wrong with that (I’ve bought my share of clothing and lingerie for my husband’s entertainment), but what happened to wanting to look good for one’s self? Or wanting to exercise and eat healthy because it feels better and looks better? And not because some loser at the club didn’t speak? Maybe it’s me.

3 thoughts on “16.72 Miles. What happened to being my best for myself?

  1. I think the difference is that you’ve been married for two decades and the women you’re talking about are looking for that. They have great personalities and character so the only thing left is to appeal to the visual.

  2. Hey Originaldiva and Chele!

    Originaldiva, I don’t know if my marital status is shaping my perception of the situation because before I was married the first person I sought to make happy with my appearance was me, but I guess healthy lifestyle choices for the wrong reason are still healthy lifestyle choices.

    Chele, I am glad that I am not alone 🙂

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