I know Mother’s Day is over, but…

daisyThe past day or so I’ve been thinking about all of the mothers I meet, friends, my children’s friends’ and classmates’ mothers, mothers of my daughter’s gymnastics class or mothers of my son’s track team. They are lots and lots and lots of women of just about every thinkable background and they all do things a little differently, but they all are doing their best for their kids. I wish it was not so easy for people to look negatively upon situations that don’t occur in their homes. Sometimes mothers are unconventional and sometimes they have a child with special needs and those needs demand that all rules that satisfy society’s ideas about motherhood be thrown out of the window. Most mothers are doing the best they can with what they have. What they have just might be different than what you have or I have.

The Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving?

There has got to be a better way to deal with a disappointing Mother’s Day. According to Noel Biderman, who runs Ashley Madison (the site for married people who want to date), a lot of moms who don’t get that breakfast in bed or that brunch with the family or that jewelry gift ย just sign up for a little something on the side. For all of the trouble and pain that affairs cause, I think I could just get myself a nice gift/do something nice for myself and keep it moving or call up my friendly neighborhood lawyer to make some relationship changes ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m glad my mother is my mother

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. The biological, adoptive and moms who love you like you are theirs. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the future mothers and all of the women who want to be mothers. I’ve been so blessed to have spent Easter, my birthday and Mother’s Day with my mom! I haven’t spent this many holidays with my mom since I was living at home full time which would have been a long, long, time ago. My mother has always been someone I could talk to about just about anything but I’ve never felt like she was anything other than my mother. She’s always been the mom that everybody liked, but she was always a mom. Not a buddy, not a girlfriend, not a club co hanger outer. I think that has given me a lot of stability and always gave me the idea of the type of mother I wanted to be when the time came. I can try really hard, but I know I will only be an imitation of the real thing. Thanks, Mom.