psstA lot of times when I am talking to my children about things they are doing right (or wrong), a small voice goes, “Psst! What about you? Are you being compassionate with your husband/friend/neighbor like you are telling your older kid to be compassionate with your younger kid?” A lot of times that voice does not receive the most warm reception, but I am thankful that I am in a place where I am open to receive it and attempt to apply it.

I know Mother’s Day is over, but…

daisyThe past day or so I’ve been thinking about all of the mothers I meet, friends, my children’s friends’ and classmates’ mothers, mothers of my daughter’s gymnastics class or mothers of my son’s track team. They are lots and lots and lots of women of just about every thinkable background and they all do things a little differently, but they all are doing their best for their kids. I wish it was not so easy for people to look negatively upon situations that don’t occur in their homes. Sometimes mothers are unconventional and sometimes they have a child with special needs and those needs demand that all rules that satisfy society’s ideas about motherhood be thrown out of the window. Most mothers are doing the best they can with what they have. What they have just might be different than what you have or I have.