The journal : continued.

wpid-20150211_144342.jpgSometimes I wonder if Miss A’s journal cover is going to stand up to every idea I have. So far, so good. I have caught her peeking at it a couple of times and she likes what she sees, so I am still chugging along. My latest thing is painting, stenciling and making collage of┬ámy favorite words into her book. I hope that when she gets older and doubts herself and people try to make her feel small, that she will pull out this book and know how valued and loved she is. I have been thinking about doing something similar for my sons, toughened (and in Nat’s case edgied) up of course.

Winter Art Journal, Part 1: Got Gesso?

A not so funny thing happened while I was working on this art journal for my daughter. My gesso would not open. It was stuck entirely shut (there was not much left in the container, but I had plans for it – maybe I’ll soak the whole thing in a bucket of warm water or something). I made do with an extra layer of paint, and I think it worked out. After I completed the first phase of the journal cover, I went and got more gesso for upcoming projects. I saw some clear gesso, which I had never seen before. It is definitely in the back of my mind. So many types of gesso to play with – white gesso, black gesso, colored gesso, clear gesso, heavy gesso, hard sandable gesso – so little time.

My daughter has a growing pile of sketch books. One of her favorite things to do, especially when she is feeling stressed, is to color or draw or make art. Around Christmas, I decided to take one of her old sketch books, add elements to encourage her, make a cute cover, and give it back to her. When she saw the first page I worked on, her entire face lit up with a huge smile, so I think I’m on the right track.