Winter Art Journal, Part 1: Got Gesso?

A not so funny thing happened while I was working on this art journal for my daughter. My gesso would not open. It was stuck entirely shut (there was not much left in the container, but I had plans for it – maybe I’ll soak the whole thing in a bucket of warm water or something). I made do with an extra layer of paint, and I think it worked out. After I completed the first phase of the journal cover, I went and got more gesso for upcoming projects. I saw some clear gesso, which I had never seen before. It is definitely in the back of my mind. So many types of gesso to play with – white gesso, black gesso, colored gesso, clear gesso, heavy gesso, hard sandable gesso – so little time.

My daughter has a growing pile of sketch books. One of her favorite things to do, especially when she is feeling stressed, is to color or draw or make art. Around Christmas, I decided to take one of her old sketch books, add elements to encourage her, make a cute cover, and give it back to her. When she saw the first page I worked on, her entire face lit up with a huge smile, so I think I’m on the right track.

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