I guess it is safe to start writing again, now that I am completely sure that Spring is here. It was touch and go there for a few weeks. This year, one of the flowers I have really enjoyed seeing bloom around my neighborhood has been the Magnolia. This seems ironic to me as Magnolia are associated with the South (the Magnolia is the state flower of Louisiana and Mississippi) and I live in Washington State, which is one of the most un-Southern places I have experienced in my life.

When I was a kid growing up in the South, Magnolia were everywhere at this time of the year. They helped me to get through a particularly rough year of middle school. No matter what, I could look at them and feel better because they were so beautiful and strong. Even though life was not perfect back then, it was much simpler back then, even before I figure in all of the chaos brought about by the pandemic and all of the adjustments I have had to make in its aftermath. I am still hopeful, though, just like the kid I was then, that everything will be alright.

Look at you, Washington State…

With your sunny, almost warm weather and leaf buds growing on trees. If I did not know better, I would think you were ready for Spring or something, and that you did not have a couple of feet of snow (in the low lying areas) on the ground a couple of weeks ago.


I have received some excellent and awesome invitations to tea. I used to turn them down because I was insecure. I did not think I was the type of person who would enjoy high tea. I thought I was too busy or not fancy enough to do that . I am so glad that one of my favorite friends in the world (and a lady I truly admire) invited me to take some time from my often (overly) busy schedule for high tea. I had such a wonderful time that I went out to tea – a lot. The tea and food was nice, but it always struck me as a relaxed setting to catch up with what was going on with my friends. I miss that. I really hope I can get back to it every now and then when life is more normal and more safe.