X factor.

tell me who I have to be

to get some reciprocity.

Lauren Hill

I read Diva in Demand’s post about being married and living single. My husband got mad about it and said that most times men put hanging out before their marriages and families because they feel that women are trying to control them through the team dynamic. That the dynamic itself is just a means women use to bring men in line. I thought it was more like, at the beginning of a marriage, most women are putting their whole selves into creating a home and building a life with someone and they just want the affirmation that the person they are investing themselves into cares. They don’t have to invest themselves equally in most cases, but most women want appreciation. Some kind of reciprocity. Something that says I’m glad to be a part of this too.

2 thoughts on “X factor.

  1. EXACTLY!!!!! You spend every waking moment working on TEAM US and you want to make sure that you both have the same common goal instead of one of you being in a relationship by yourself.

  2. Now if women didn’t put so much of themselves into TEAM US, I’ll bet most men would be like, “What’s wrong?” or something like that. 🙂

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