Back from the beach.

Last week, we went to the coast for a few days. For most of the year, it is a cloudy, cold place, but last week we had blue skies and warmer temps so it was a special treat. We stayed in a quiet, picturesque town full of quaint restaurants and art galleries. The last thing I heard before I went to sleep and the first sound that woke me up was the ocean, which was my favorite part of the trip. Little A and Max enjoyed making things in the sand, Nat couldn’t get enough of wading in the waves and Al was amazed at the number of deer we saw.

View from my window.

imageThis was the view from my window on the way home from our weekend, which we needed almost as much as we appreciated. I know that I use the word beautiful quite often when I describe the Pacific Northwest, but it is just a gorgeous, breathtaking location. I’ve been here over ten years and I am still thrilled by the majesty of mountains that touch the sky, forests that seem to paint the landscape in infinite green, dancing, clear waterfalls, sculpted plateaus, raging rivers, bubbling streams and the roar of the mighty Pacific Ocean. All of our vacation adventures haven’t been positive in the past (remember when Little A broke her foot during that trip to the coast – definitely NOT good times), but we were all so happy to be doing something we had not done in a long time that this weekend was absolutely excellent.  We had our moments of frustration and imperfection, but we had many more moments of inspiration and discovery. One of my first Washington friends told me that she and her family sometimes went out to a local hotel every now and then, just to have a change of scenery. I did not understand the value of having different surroundings then, but I definitely get it now.  It’s time to whip out my calendar and get to planning for the rest of this Summer, but I’ll be doing it with a much lighter heart and easier mind than when I started this weekend,  and I know that alone is priceless.

Day nine. Let it snow?

Maybe it’s day ten. You really lose track of days when everybody has time off.

Today, I’ll be going to the store with my trusty sidekick, Max. It snowed a little this morning and I’m going to mosy on down and get anything else we need so I wont be ringing in the new year with marshmallows and soup. Off we go.

Day 7. Happy Birthday!

It’s been a week since Christmas Vacation started. Where did the time go? Today is Little A (and Melette)’s birthday Happy Birthday!!  Of course this means I have to make her favorite cake, which is her auntie’s chocolate cake (it’s really moist like a lava cake with the fudge on top instead of in the middle. Yum! ). Whale watching is this week. We’ll have to see how the weather works out for that.