Instagram Inspirations

Hi Everybody!! Has your Christmas been as hectic as mine? I have been running since the first of this month and don’t see things slowing down until maybe January 3 for five minutes.Of course, that does not include the new stuff that keeps popping up like things can when you have two elementary kids and two teenagers, but enough about me. On with the internet goodness.

sneedsOne of the biggest sources of inspiration for me are special needs kids. I have some in my family and they are some of the sweetest, strongest, most beautiful people on the planet. Nothing breaks my heart more than to hear of others attempting to harm them or take advantage of their sometimes trusting nature. This post by @funandfunction put a smile on my face.

tuscanyI have been playing with the idea of a European trip for a couple of years now. Roberto Cavalli’s pictures (@robertocavalli) from his recent travels to Tuscany definitely have put Italy on my mind. Having grown up in Louisiana, France definitely holds the most fascination for me. For some time, I ditched the idea, but 2014 was the year of living things I had no idea were possible so maybe 2015 will be the year of revisiting ditched ideas. In any case, it sure is beautiful.

sbridgesSheila Bridges (@harlemtoilegirl) is one of my favorite interior designers ever. I love the way she uses color, classic and modern elements. She creates unforgettable spaces that are real and warm. She makes me want to make my home welcoming and elegant and fun at the same time. I have a lot of work to do.

Arctic air? Again? Aw man!!

snowIn the past 24 hours I have gone from coordinating my usual activities (with Thanksgiving on the horizon) to dealing with falling temperatures and high winds at the same time to preparing for frozen precipitation. Oh joy, right? Usually we don’t find ourselves even thinking about this sort of thing in the lower elevations until winter has at least graced us with its official presence. I went out this evening and it was quite frosty and windy at the same time. The kids’ school is doing a late start to compensate for the snow forecast. I appreciate the sleeping in part. I just hope I don’t find myself dealing with the late arriving snow part because that happened last year and everybody in the district was scurrying to get home in whiteout conditions. If it looks anything like that tomorrow, we will all have to sit around and read and play board games or something.

Cold Outside.

snowytreesThis afternoon was a particularly challenging one as I waited for my kids to get home from school. It had been snowing all day, which meant that they got out of school two hours early. However, because of the road conditions, two of my kids took almost two hours to get home. My youngest son got a bit impatient with me, because I stayed near the front door until everybody made it home. I just had to. I knew that they were alright, but I was so relieved and happy to see them, even if they wanted to play around a bit in all of that snow before they came inside. Even if, after all of that stamping on the outdoor mat, snow still made it into the house.

Hot cocoa and mulled cider weather

hotcocoaWhere does one go to purchase the kind of white Christmas that is pretty to look at, yet does not mess with road conditions? I’m willing to place my order a year or two in advance 🙂 Living in the Pacific Northwest, I have always been assured that my winter clothing and shoes would be put to good use, but for the past week we have had weather that is severe, even for us. Today we are hoping to get above freezing temperatures. I love cold weather, but honestly, at this point, I’m good if I can get out of the house two days in a row.