No board games.

cocoaThere was plenty of frozen rain, but not enough snow to shut everything down. As much as I like snow, I am relieved. It is still very very cold, but I can live with that. At least I got a couple of creative projects done (stay tuned). If this is our Winter preview, I guess I had better stock up on cocoa and books to read.

Arctic air? Again? Aw man!!

snowIn the past 24 hours I have gone from coordinating my usual activities (with Thanksgiving on the horizon) to dealing with fallingĀ temperatures and high winds at the same time to preparing for frozen precipitation. Oh joy, right? Usually we don’t find ourselves even thinking about this sort of thing in the lower elevations until winter has at least graced us with its official presence. I went out this evening and it was quite frosty and windy at the same time. The kids’ school is doing a late start to compensate for the snow forecast. IĀ appreciate the sleeping in part. I just hope I don’t find myself dealing with the late arriving snow part because that happened last year and everybody in the district was scurrying to get home in whiteout conditions. If it looks anything like that tomorrow, we will all have to sit around and read and play board games or something.