Cold Outside.

snowytreesThis afternoon was a particularly challenging one as I waited for my kids to get home from school. It had been snowing all day, which meant that they got out of school two hours early. However, because of the road conditions, two of my kids took almost two hours to get home. My youngest son got a bit impatient with me, because I stayed near the front door until everybody made it home. I just had to. I knew that they were alright, but I was so relieved and happy to see them, even if they wanted to play around a bit in all of that snow before they came inside. Even if, after all of that stamping on the outdoor mat, snow still made it into the house.

Is it really almost April?

Because this photo was taken at the zoo, less than half an hour from my house. In these parts we have cherry blossoms, azaleas and dandelions all covered in snow. I was asking myself the title question as I removed about four inches of snow from my windshield.