Yay, technology- and other randomosity.

This morning got off to an interesting start. My husband has his cell phone set to function as an alarm clock. That plays loud music. And demands answers to math problems as evidence of awakeness before one can dismiss the alarm. I felt like I was back in first grade doing speed drills or something. What the world.

Today I learned of the death of former Oregon Governor and US Senator Mark O. Hatfield. He was respected by just about everyone as a politician who actually worked for what was best for the people he served. He was also known for being able to work with members of both parties to get great things done, while standing up for his beliefs. I sure miss those kinds of politicians, because the ones we have now… Another post for another day.

Bad News for your iPod.

11 technologies in danger of going extinct (somebody’s still using faxes?)


Fax Machines

Landline Phones
DVD Players
Film Projectors
The Computer Mouse
Cell Phone Chargers
Plasma TVs
Credit Cards
E-Book Readers

You never know who’s working technical support…

It appears that some Apple customers with user questions have been receiving replies from the big man himself.

Want to work around AT&T? I guess they have an app for that. LOL.