Hello February.

elewisLast night I was overjoyed to see Google’s doodle of Edmonia Lewis, the first woman of African American and Native American heritage to achieve international recognition as a sculptor. I wrote about her eleven years ago, so I was ecstatic that more people would learn about her. I hope that this also means that more is discovered¬†about her and her groundbreaking body of work.

Attention A T & T Customers

According to the company there is a fix for you cellular customers (especially iPhone owners) who are dealing with reception issues. You can get a miniature cellular tower in your living room courtesy of the company. This is going to cost you extra, you know, for the device to get the service that you, um, are paying for already. Cheers.

You never know who’s working technical support…

It appears that some Apple customers with user questions have been receiving replies from the big man himself.

Want to work around AT&T? I guess they have an app for that. LOL.