AT&T and T Mobile. Why I’m Concerned.

Consumer Reports has weighed in very strongly against the proposed merger of AT&T and T Mobile. As a T-Mobile customer, I’m completely against it because AT&T sucks, and by sucks, I mean they have the worst customer service in the cellular business. This is a documented fact, and they charge WAY more (somewhere between 15 and 50 more per month) than T Mobile for their sucky service. This is just so not what I signed up for. I also don’t like the thought of AT&T and Verizon dominating 80 percent of the cellular market, Sprint having to fight for its life or thousands of T-Mobile employees losing their jobs. Don’t we have enough unemployment in this country? That’s why I’m going to this page so I can make myself heard. Unless you like the idea of overpriced, bad service and indoor antennas that still don’t help prevent your dropped calls, via AT&T, I’d suggest you do the same.

Attention A T & T Customers

According to the company there is a fix for you cellular customers (especially iPhone owners) who are dealing with reception issues. You can get a miniature cellular tower in your living room courtesy of the company. This is going to cost you extra, you know, for the device to get the service that you, um, are paying for already. Cheers.