Beyond Words.

Monday afternoon, as I completed my taxes, I was preparing to write about what was going on in my family’s lives, the amount of busy-ness I have going these days with track and gymnastics and zoo stuff and finding a good activity for Max and coming to grips with the fact that even my smallest child is growing up. We had a good run 🙂 Now it’s time for him to get involved with all of that male growing up ness. My only consolation is doing girly stuff with Little A, in the midst of losing three sons – going from being their favorite in the world to having to push them in their father’s direction so they can learn all of the stuff they need to about being a man, which I have come to appreciate as being difficult, especially with the battles I have had with Al. I remember when I was his favorite person. Sigh.

But back to where I was on Monday, mentally, when I heard about what had happened in Boston. I just had nothing to say except that I was so sorry for the victims and the families of the victims and the people of Boston. No matter how much I learn of the ideologies at play (and sometimes I feel that I know far too much), I don’t think I will ever truly understand the logic that goes into these attacks.

Making the best of a mess.

On the first day of school, after all of that preparation and shopping, two of my kids did not make their bus. I hate it when I think I’m prepared and the execution goes oh so wrong. There were several things outside of my control, but it still felt sucky. I didn’t let it deter me though. I made sure Little A and Max got ready, waited for Nat to catch his bus and then we were off. Maybe I’m getting better at handling surprises of the unpleasant variety. Like this morning when I had a discussion that came out of nowhere and completely undermined a lot of hard work I’ve been doing lately. I just took the positive aspect of the conversation (that there were some things I needed to know) and let go of the rest.  Now the real trick is going to be allowing that stuff to remain in the let go column.

Keeping it simple.

Yesterday I did my coupons for the week. It’s been a few years, but I’m getting the hang of it. I always clipped a coupon here or there, but lately, I’ve been really investing time and thought into it. Last weekend we ate a home cooked meal that cost maybe a fifth of what we would have spent going out. We still enjoyed the meal and the evening.

Friday was my father’s birthday. He’s 60 years old. I’m thankful that he’s still with us. Warts and all. Sigh. I’m working on a project for his birthday. I’m notoriously late with creative gifts (or anything I end up personally mailing – just ask anyone in my family), but I do send them. I also have a few things in mind for the holidays depending on what I find and what inspiration hits me.

My dad has cancer.

Today I found out that my dad has cancer. The doctors say it is operable and he has a really good prognosis. It’s something how a major illness can filter out all of the petty stuff that people normally consider very important.