Beyond Words.

Monday afternoon, as I completed my taxes, I was preparing to write about what was going on in my family’s lives, the amount of busy-ness I have going these days with track and gymnastics and zoo stuff and finding a good activity for Max and coming to grips with the fact that even my smallest child is growing up. We had a good run 🙂 Now it’s time for him to get involved with all of that male growing up ness. My only consolation is doing girly stuff with Little A, in the midst of losing three sons – going from being their favorite in the world to having to push them in their father’s direction so they can learn all of the stuff they need to about being a man, which I have come to appreciate as being difficult, especially with the battles I have had with Al. I remember when I was his favorite person. Sigh.

But back to where I was on Monday, mentally, when I heard about what had happened in Boston. I just had nothing to say except that I was so sorry for the victims and the families of the victims and the people of Boston. No matter how much I learn of the ideologies at play (and sometimes I feel that I know far too much), I don’t think I will ever truly understand the logic that goes into these attacks.

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