Today was one of the rainiest days I have seen in all of the two decades and change I have spent in the state of Washington. If you know anything about how much it rains here, you know that is a lot. I hope that I feel invigorated or at least more enthusiastic in my attack of my to-do list in the morning or the afternoon or the following morning..

Let the Sun Shine In

Mom was telling me this morning that one of her friends was complaining about the rain in Louisiana and she thought they should come to Washington sometime. We have had a bit less than we usually get this year, but when it rains, it still pours. For the next five days we are supposed to get sunshine. I can’t wait! I wish it could last longer, but the rain keeps things green around here and in light of how things have been going in places like California and Texas, I won’t complain.


This is one of my other collages. It is done – for now. I almost ran out of matte medium, my collage adhesive of choice these days. I use mod podge for most of my 3-d decoupage projects but the matte medium works better for me with the journals. I have started on my latest Inspiration Wednesday and I know I will have fun with it because I always do. I saw a couple of interesting prospects for craft projects while I was out and about yesterday, but my mind is still open.

2014 Day 85:

Monday was a beautiful day. It was warm and stunning and amazing. Just amazing. Then it started raining Tuesday and well, has not stopped yet. This is not new in these parts, but I am looking forward to the next day or half day or few hours of sunshine that comes my way. We are sort of famous in these parts for just doing what needs to be done, rain or shine, but I sure would appreciate getting it done umbrella and boot free for a week or two this Spring.

Autumn is completely here.

I am completely amazed at how quickly and completely all of that unreal sunny weather we had this Summer vanished. I remember, when school started, having to make sure that the kids all had clothing that allowed them to be cool in the afternoons and now I’m making sure everything is warm and waterproof. When August ended, I was concerned that everything might be too dry because this was one of those summers when everybody got a tan – even people who work in offices all day. Meanwhile, September had record rainfall and we are getting rain in some form just about every day. I won’t be surprised if there are salmon crossing the street again this year. I guess that’s what hot cider, tea, soup, fondue, blankets, board games and crafts are for.