Happy Valentine’s Day.

20150213_11312020150213_113653Can anybody tell me where the first half of this month went? These are some of the valentines my kids handed out this year. Aren’t they cute? I am grateful for all of the family and friends and wonderful people in my life who love me. You all help me succeed on good days and keep it moving on the not so good days. Muah!

I reserve the right…

20150110_075350to make as many copies of my word of the year as I get inspired to. This includes collages, paintings, giant letters, and whatever else I feel moved to do. Here is the first one with paint, glaze, gesso and light modeling paste. Stay tuned.

My word for 2015 is…

joyJoy! My 2014 word, authentic had to have been my most challenging one because I found myself at odds with what would have made situations simpler and put others at ease, which is my go to more often that I realized. This year will also be a bit of a stretch because I am seeking to hold onto joy and share it with others in significant ways. Here goes 🙂

Finished business.

20141201_131254Well, almost. The finish line is in sight, at least where my cards are concerned. There are some finishing touches on the last of them and then off they go to the mail. I am pretty happy with how they turned out, for the most part. I hope that they bring joy to the people who get them.