Happy Valentine’s Day.

20150213_11312020150213_113653Can anybody tell me where the first half of this month went? These are some of the valentines my kids handed out this year. Aren’t they cute? I am grateful for all of the family and friends and wonderful people in my life who love me. You all help me succeed on good days and keep it moving on the not so good days. Muah!

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day.

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    One of my blogging fellows (Jacob at https://thatssojacob.wordpress.com) challenged me to post 15 different comments today, each calling out something I love on the blogs I chose to visit (in order to share the love on this day of love). 🙂 I love these clever Valentine’s cards! They are super cute. What great kids you have!

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