Happy Birthday Lady!

One thing that I really respect and admire about my sister is that she has never lost touch with her whimsical side. ¬†She can be sophisticated and grown up, but you’d better keep an eye open when dealing with her because she’s liable to whip out anything on you. The kids love this, of course because it means that they get at least one or two awesome Christmas gifts. She bought them an Optimus Prime helmet one year that they are STILL playing with (and I’ve even caught my husband playing with it- smh). I’m so proud of the one, the only, Ms. B. in LA. I hope your day (and year) are joyous!

Happy Birthday.

32 years ago, my little sister was born. She broke the monopoly I held in the parental attention department, but I still love her. LOL. She’s really grown up to be a kind, intelligent, together kind of chick. Happy Birthday!!!!