Day 241: Unbelievable.

My oldest son will be graduating high school next Spring. THATS unbelievable. As long as we have done everything we can to prepare him, I feel I will be completely ready to let him step forward into this new phase of his life. I’ve had a few ugly cries at the prospect of him leaving home and me letting go, but I understand that he can’t remain a child forever. Memories of the cute kid who loved to get an ice cream cone are often tempered with the reality that he eats like a mountain man teenaged boy.  I still would not mind him living in the house down the street (or next door) when he grows up.  🙂


This morning, I went to my second son, Nat’s graduation. As he walked up to the stage to receive his diploma, his picture (and one of his baby photos, which was too cute) was on the screen and his teacher shared some words about him. Every time I hear someone speak about my kids, I want to add more. I think that’s part of being a parent, though, you want everybody to know how great your child is, and yet by the time they reach Al’s age, they get annoyed with you for wanting to do it.

I don’t know if I have ever written about the school he’s leaving and where Little A will be attending first grade next year, but I really like the school. The kids are really polite and friendly and the teachers and principal really care. I had to take the kids to school today, but when Nat walked up the sidewalk to the school, his face lit up and he had a wide smile. Max always likes going to the school to drop off Little A and Nat, so I’m glad he’ll be there in the Fall. I know Nat will miss it, but the school he is going to is going to be great as well. I think I need some sleep right now from all of the excitement, though.


Today, I was looking at this when it hit me that in three years we’ll be doing standardized testing and campus visits and in five years, we’ll be getting ready to most likely drive my oldest son and his favorite things off to college. Then I looked down at Max, who was doing something he had no business, and began thinking about how it’s too bad that he can’t go along to keep Al company. LOLOL.