Day 241: Unbelievable.

My oldest son will be graduating high school next Spring. THATS unbelievable. As long as we have done everything we can to prepare him, I feel I will be completely ready to let him step forward into this new phase of his life. I’ve had a few ugly cries at the prospect of him leaving home and me letting go, but I understand that he can’t remain a child forever. Memories of the cute kid who loved to get an ice cream cone are often tempered with the reality that he eats like a mountain man teenaged boy.  I still would not mind him living in the house down the street (or next door) when he grows up.  🙂

Two orientations down, one to go.

aleavesMonday is Labor Day, which means Summer will be done. It seems like it is over quickly, but I got a lot accomplished so I can’t really complain. This Fall, I’m going to be dealing with senior stuff and college prep stuff and new edgy high schooler stuff (did I mention that when we go out now, he doesn’t want to walk with us – he’s Mr. Indpendently Edgy now – sigh). Then there are the third and fourth graders. I definitely had better step up my workouts. I will need them.

It’s the second most wonderful time of the year.

pumpkinpatchAutumn, which for me means Thanksgiving, beautifully colored foilage and — Pumpkin Season!!!! When I was a kid, there was pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and maybe pumpkin cookies. Of course I felt wrongfully deprived because my mother did not like pumpkin, so I guess over the past almost two decades since I left home, I’ve been making up for lost time with milkshakes, lattes, doughnuts, soups, ravioli.., you name it. Today I found a recipe for pumpkin nutella cheesecake danishes that I will definitely add to my list of things to try this season.


I had a freak out moment this morning. I realized that the month of September would soon be over. I knew today’s date was the 20th, but I think the long stretch of warm, dry weather we had this year lulled me into complacency. Fall couldn’t possibly be on it’s way for real because I was wearing shorts and eating popsicles. Panic definitely set in as I thought about Halloween costumes and candy and all of that stuff that is just waiting to happen (and all of the stuff I have to do to prepare for it) once Halloween is over.