Instagram Inspiration.

glitter17Looking at this photograph from @scrapbooknerd makes me want to get more glitter, because you can never have too much glitter, or at least I can’t. I believe one of the most tragic parts of growing up is learning that it is not always appropriate to be sparkly. The only thing that could possibly be better than glitter in my book is edible glitter from @bedazzlemybonbons. I think they are based in Florida, but something tells me they could make a whole lot of money in the West (I am sure Las Vegas and LA would provide plenty of demand for sparkling, jewel-toned sweets).




Happy New Year!!

2014-12-31-TrashTheDressElizabethHoardPhotography223of319Five days before what was supposed to be Shelby Swink’s wedding, her fiancĂ© informed her that he did not love her and that he did not want to get married. On the day when the nuptials were to take place, Shelby met up with her bridesmaids and parents and they covered her bridal gown with paint and glitter (and feathers?). Then she allowed the dress to be used to raise money to benefit needy people in Kenya and Uganda. I really love the fact that instead of dwelling on her own personal loss, which was huge and absolutely understandable, she transformed it to help others.

I see glitter and mica and beads in my future.

sparkleNow all I have to do is sit in one place long enough to get my ideas together so I can justify getting my hands on this stuff and playing with it (@finnabair). Weeeeeee!!!

amberjordnI am so thankful for my family. To me family includes people I am related to by blood and by years. They are people in my life who I can be goofy with and who I can be sad with, sort of like Jordin Sparks and Amber Riley in this photo taken before her awesome, sold out Christmas concert in LA this week (@missamberpriley).

cookiesIf my life was an instagram post, it would look like this one on the bottom. The month of December started off so well. I was getting things done early and then a lot of it became a hectic blur, and now there are cookies everywhere. At least I’m still making it to the gym. Sigh (@williamssonoma).