I see glitter and mica and beads in my future.

sparkleNow all I have to do is sit in one place long enough to get my ideas together so I can justify getting my hands on this stuff and playing with it (@finnabair). Weeeeeee!!!

amberjordnI am so thankful for my family. To me family includes people I am related to by blood and by years. They are people in my life who I can be goofy with and who I can be sad with, sort of like Jordin Sparks and Amber Riley in this photo taken before her awesome, sold out Christmas concert in LA this week (@missamberpriley).

cookiesIf my life was an instagram post, it would look like this one on the bottom. The month of December started off so well. I was getting things done early and then a lot of it became a hectic blur, and now there are cookies everywhere. At least I’m still making it to the gym. Sigh (@williamssonoma).

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