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Art Journal Layout (posted by @vickyp_gr) Once I complete my current art collaboration project, I definitely see some art journaling in my future. Maybe eventually on a daily basis. Baby steps. Vicky Papaioannou is an amazing paper artist from Greece who made this layout.




Kayaking in Congaree (posted by @usinterior) I have wanted to learn to kayak, and then go kayaking for a few years now. When I have enough time in my schedule, I’m definitely going to take basic training on operating the craft and staying safe. Then, lookout world! I want to go in rivers, lakes, oceans, the whole nine, and get good enough to do easy rapids and waterfalls. When I discussed it with my husband, he gave me the answer I gave him when he wanted to buy a motorcycle: that I have to wait until the kids can take care of themselves and that he refuses to tell my mother that I have been hurt (or worse) in an accident. Sigh.


Dave Chappelle covers GQ Men of the Year Issue (posted by @ledisi) There was a lot of gossip going on in Portland last Fall. Somebody said Dave Chappelle was doing a concert and on the strength of word of mouth alone, the tickets were long gone before the concert was even announced. Ditto Radio Music Hall in the NYC this Summer when Chappelle launched a series of shows to celebrate the ten year anniversary of his Block Party film. When you can sell tickets like that when regular people don’t even KNOW you’re coming to town, you need to be on the cover of a magazine somewhere.

Hiking and painting.

Today was my day to work with paint, which is always fun. I have regular colors and some pearl finish, but I have my eye on metallics and glitter (of course – lol). The best parts of this whole art journal thing are doing something for no other reason than to express myself creatively and to make me happy. Another thing I like is that I’ve been focusing from layout to layout which is a lot less stressful than planning a larger project.

This evening we went for a nice, long hike to work the kids out, but I think it ended up working me out more. I thought I had a pretty easy day until we started hiking up a hill. Then I realized how much I had done and how tired I was. It was worth it to be out enjoying an amazingly sunny day. The visibility was amazing. I’m thankful we have such wonderful places to explore such a short distance from home.