The Emerald City

In a lot of ways, our arrival in the Seattle Area felt like how, in the Wizard of Oz, everything goes from faded grayscale tones to technicolor. All I needed were a pair of ruby (or silver) slippers. For the first time in two years, my entire family was under one roof on a day to day basis. In an entirely different location. A lot of things were convenient at our old home, but we were walking distance to just about anything we needed in our new location and a short drive from several metropolitan areas. We were all glad to get used to being together. Now all we had to do was get everyone settled in school and figure out where this whole Coronavirus thing was going to go. It had arrived in the United States in the Seattle Area. And many of the tech employers (including my husband’s ) had sent employees home to work, which made the end of our move a lot easier.

Opportunity Knocks.

I was doing what had become my regular routine of kids, their activities, my activities, my activities that prepared for their activities, etc., but all of those activities were turned upside down on an October afternoon when I got a four word text message from my husband of over twenty years. He had been fired from his job of fourteen years. It was raining outside and they had not even allowed him to take his umbrella on the way out. After fourteen years. Who does that? Too many people, I have since discovered. I knew I would have to cut any expense from our budget that was not absolutely necessary. I called my parents to ask them to pray for us in general and for me because I would be fasting and praying until God showed me my next move.


This rose is called Peace. Isn’t it beautiful? Wouldn’t it be great if it brought peace? On with the show.

Last week – Mom and Aunt had surgery. Straightened house up for Mother-in-law’s visit. Mother-in-law arrived

This week – Two parent conferences at school, maintain order and organization in the house, get everything in place so the kids can have plenty to do and learn for the break, get everything set up for Father’s Day and upcoming birthdays, find time to go to the waterfront for the Rose Festival you know, when it’s not raining, AND maintain MY sanity

I’ll be praying. A lot. You know, I wouldn’t trade my soul mate for a lifetime of daily new shoes, but if I could get one of those people that organizes everything and tells you where to go? Hmmmm…