Happy New Year!

2012 for me began the same way that 2011 ended – with family. All of the kids stayed up until midnight last night, which made for an interesting time getting the youngest ones to bed. I usually don’t make an exception for their bedtime on the weekend, and now I see the wisdom of that choice. We all wore hats and had horns and noisemakers to welcome the year with style. The sun greeted me this morning on my way to church.

The countdown is on.

Everybody’s fed and comfortable and the hats and noisemakers are ready. This year has been a rollercoaster at moments, but I’m so thankful for the joy provided by the hills and the lessons learned in the midst of  the valleys. I’m so thankful to see all of my family and friends growing and learning and becoming more of the wonderful people they are. Thanks to all of you great people who have joined me this past year. I look forward to seeing you in 2012!

Holiday shoutout.

It’s time to start putting away the lights, and the tree, and the wreath, and the decorative knicknacks around the house and the eight foot penguin. Yes, I said the eight foot penguin. LOL. While my friends and family have made it a Christmas for the record books, nobody came through like my hubby. I can’t honestly think of anything that he could have done to help this holiday that he did not do. He went all out and I really appreciate the effort that he put into ensuring that I had a Merry Christmas. I felt really special. I’m so thankful to God for having given me the opportunity to know and love him for the past 12 years. Even when things go south, I’m thankful for his presence in my life.

Thanks, honey, for everything you do to make every day special. Mwah! You’re the only one for me. And I mean that, babe. 🙂

Happy New Year.

So, today is the absolute last day of 2007. One thing that I can say about 2007 is that whether things were good or bad, it was not dull. LOLOL.

Al hit the big 1-0. Little A started preschool. Nat turned 7. and Max turned 1. He seems to have packed a lot into his one year and even has developed an evil laugh to use when he is biting people/harassing older siblings/that sort of thing. Not to mention his need to mess with my mouse and stuff. I may have to finally break down and get a laptop in 2008. Use it in the closet or something. I was kind of sad about the end of babyhood for Max. It sort of signals the end of a phase of my life, but I’ve also been coming up with my plans for the next phase of my life. My next act, if you will. I have a few years, but it is coming. I hope that I can keep things balanced. or get things balanced?

I got a lot closer to my fitness goals. Hopefully 08 will mean getting into the maintenance phase, which is a LOT less stressful than the toning up phase. I got a trainer, which has been great for accountability, but whew…

On the bad side, my youngest brother had a stroke, and while he’s doing much better, it WAS a dern STROKE. The doctors said a mild stroke, which is what? something akin to a mild explosion? a mild forest fire? My aunt was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and she died shortly afterward. I’m glad she did not suffer much, but anytime somebody close to me dies I have that whole moment of reflection and stuff. Little A broke her foot, and that was bad, but we are in the process of the final settlement with the hotel’s insurance company. She is completely healed and moved on with life. It’s funny how her injury had a much deeper effect on me (and her father) than it did on her.

I regained hope where music was concerned. I actually purchased CDs… LOLOL. That was a big leap for me. All of my friends and family were instrumental to making the good stuff in 2007 good. I don’t want to forget anybody, so I’m just thankful to them all.

So now I look forward with hope to 2008. Happy New Year.