Holiday shoutout.

It’s time to start putting away the lights, and the tree, and the wreath, and the decorative knicknacks around the house and the eight foot penguin. Yes, I said the eight foot penguin. LOL. While my friends and family have made it a Christmas for the record books, nobody came through like my hubby. I can’t honestly think of anything that he could have done to help this holiday that he did not do. He went all out and I really appreciate the effort that he put into ensuring that I had a Merry Christmas. I felt really special. I’m so thankful to God for having given me the opportunity to know and love him for the past 12 years. Even when things go south, I’m thankful for his presence in my life.

Thanks, honey, for everything you do to make every day special. Mwah! You’re the only one for me. And I mean that, babe. 🙂

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