Product Review. Lunchbots

Lunchbots are transformers, but they are not robots. They have changed my cabinets into a much neater place. because where I had several plastic containers for snacks and lunches, I now have a few stainless-steel boxes. I’ve had my Lunchbots for a few months and they are bpa free, durable, easy to clean, keep snacks in and are much better for my family than the containers they replaced.

2 thoughts on “Product Review. Lunchbots

    • Lunchbots are similar to Tupperware in that they both are dishwasher safe and prevent spills. Lunchbots are BPA free and are not made from petroleum products as they are stainless steel. I am unaware of the BPA content of Tupperware so I don’t know how that compares (although I have not seen any statement on its web site that affirms any of it is BPA free). However, Tupperware is made of plastic, which is a petroleum product. Lunchbots has a retailer locator (click here) on its web site and they are available at

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