The gingerbread house

This weekend, some of our holiday plans got side tracked. We were supposed to do a lot of cleaning up and decorating and gingerbread stuff. Unfortunately, Saturday afternoon, I started feeling miserable. I was cold and achy and had to sit down somewhere. It just came out of nowhere. After a few hours of sleep, I felt better, but we were a bit behind on things. There was a time when I would have done everything I had planned, cold or not, achy or not, just because I had plans. I’m thankful to say I’ve become a bit better about sitting down somewhere when that small, soft voice starts whispering to me that I need rest as opposed to having to go to the  hospital because I ignored it and then had to deal with that same voice coming back to me with the force of the roar of the ocean. No worries. We finished the house a day late (Little A did most of the decorating and Max handled quality control for the candy elements). Here it is.

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