I heart purple. I heart being comfortable.

but I can’t get with the glittery uggs. It would be really easy for me if I did and had an event to go to. I could spend the whole day running around with the kids and then change into these boots at night and have really happy feet. I just can’t get around the look. They look like they are overdressed errand shoes. I can’t get past that. Pity.

5 thoughts on “I heart purple. I heart being comfortable.

    • Diva: You are always trying to get me into trouble, but don’t worry. I wouldn’t be clicking my heels three times in these joints. LOL.
      Berry:HAHAHA. When I wear shoes that are too comfy like that in public, I run into all kinds of folks I would not normally see (and would want to look MUCH better for, btw). Better not to chance it.

    • I have never been able to get into Uggs, and people seem to love them. They have to be some of the most unattractive boots to ever be invented. Now, those sparkling purple ones are a hot mess!

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