The desk.

Yesterday I came face to face with a cleaning project that I had been putting off for at least a couple of months. It was the clutter on my old work space (I work at a much more compact and clean work space now. For some reason I could not remember, I did not want my husband cleaning out that area when he offered to do it a few times. I know my mom (and my sisters and…) would smack me on the back of my head if she knew about me turning down cleaning help from my husband. Sigh.

The reason hit me as soon as I started cleaning. Nat’s, Little A’s and Max’s art projects and papers were there. All of the handmade cards, calendars, practice alphabets, numbers, paintings, even a magazine Al made called A Magazine (it was so cute with a picture of fifth grade Al on the cover). However, the time had come for me to choose a few to treasure and part with the rest of them. My spirit was so happy because I saw so much progress in their lives. Sometimes it is so hard to see them moving forward in midst of the daily challenges we face. I really needed to be reminded of the good work they are doing.

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