It’s time for a Random Thursday post.

I’m catchin’ HAIL.
Yesterday, after feeling I had had just about all I could take of our local freaky weather, I went to the library. I stepped out of the vehicle and the sky opened and hail was everywhere. I just went on in and got my books and the kids and I slowly rode home over streets that looked like they were covered with snow. Smh.

Pain at the pump.
I think the fuel people should just take wallets at the pump. Just take the wallet, because by the time I’ve been finished pumping gas (and I finished my wail of pain), I’ve wondered why I was still holding mine. Sigh.

I hope the people in DC have plenty of lysol on hand.
Playing punk’d with the federal government never goes well. You’d think the tea party would get this concept, but I’m sure when people start looking for those tax refunds (and passports) that didn’t get processed because of the shutdown that resulted from their latest “mine are bigger than yours” stunt, wheels will start to turn. Somewhere. Or maybe it will be the government issued blackberries, or the trash that doesn’t get picked up. Hmm.

Did y’all hear that Mr. Trump is giving serious consideration for president? Somehow, Bill Cosby doesn’t buy it, so you KNOW he said something about it, right? RIGHT.



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