Walking in the rain.

Saturday I went for a nice long, long walk. In the rain. I tried a new trail. Part of it was paved and part wasn’t, but since I’m not as adventurous/foolish as I used to be, I stayed with the pavement. At first I could see houses, then fewer houses, then all trees, creek and wild vegetation. At a couple of points I had to reassure myself that I was not in the middle of nowhere, because it looked a LOT like the middle of nowhere for a long time. That was part of the beauty of it though and a part of the challenge – taking in the sights and staying on pace. I’m still debating the good that my rain gear did because I was pretty drenched by the time I got home. I’ll be back next week and while I’d like to try some of the back trails, I’ll be happy with doing it again in wet weather.

Walking in the rain.

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