For Little A.

Little A loves her ballet shoes. I think the fascination started the year she

was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for Halloween. At first I got her a pair of red sparkly ballerina slippers, but after reading through the original story, we discovered that her shoes were silver, so I got her a pair of silver sparkly ballerina shoes, too (by this time she had become attached to the red shoes so attempting to take them back was not going to happen). She puts them on and off she goes. The only time she does not wear them is when I insist that she wear other shoes. She goes outside in them and plays in them and has lots of awesome five year old adventures in them. Unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye to two pairs, as she has loved them out of existence. Hot pink is one of her favorite colors these days (and what little girl doesn’t enjoy a little extra sparkle here and there), so maybe shoes that look like these would work for her.

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