Pajama pant fitness.

This morning, I got up and helped my husband get some of the yard trash out to the curb when I noticed that Max was awake and trying really hard not to let go of his father. He usually has a tough time when he wakes up before his dad leaves for work because he does not want to be left behind. Please know that he doesn’t have any trouble getting on the bus and leaving his father, LOL. The sun was shining and the air was crisp, so I put on my shoes, put on his shoes and jacket, and off we went. We walked down the sidewalk through our neighborhood, up and down hills, and though I’m sure my zany striped pajama pants got plenty of looks, we had a nice time and when we got back, we were a little better prepared to start off our day (I know my abs and thighs and backside all woke up – hee hee). Maybe we’ll do this tomorrow.

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