The sound of water pouring through roof gutters woke me up, so I knew I’d be dealing with a lot of rain today. Yesterday, I had a precipitation break and it felt so wonderful to be outside and have nothing pouring on me. Did somebody complain that the weather was too dry? I don’t know what happened, but I know that there is water EVERYWHERE. I know it could be worse and we could be dealing with tornadoes, but we’re in a bad state of affairs when I have to upgrade to water resistant-running shoes to run and jog due to the rain that is falling on me while I wear a rain coat. If I see a salmon crossing the street, I will not be surprised.

11.72 miles.

I missed two days of walking/jogging/running whatever due to the holiday Monday and the snow day. This week, I’ve gone out in snow globe snow, rain and more rain. I’m glad that I did because I feel better equipped to deal with what has become my bottomless to do list.

We’ve had sun, rain and snow

all in the past two hours. Smh.  I still went walking though 🙂 No jogging or running because it was slick and falling down in slush just is not a good look for me. 🙂