Today’s recall brought to you by…

The USDA announced roast beef and ham sold in Walmart delicatessens (sometimes as part of sandwiches) across the country have been recalled because of concerns that they contain the bacteria Listeria. The expiration dates of affected products range from August 20 to September 10. Listeria can cause serious and fatal infections in children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

Affected products include Marketside Grab and Go Sandwiches, Black Forest Ham With Natural Juices Coated with Caramel Color; Hot Ham, Hard Salami, Pepperoni, Sandwich Peppers; Virginia Brand Ham With Natural Juices, Made in New York, Fully Cooked Bacon, Sandwich Pickles, Sandwich Peppers; and Angus Roast Beef Coated with Caramel Color.

Morning News.

I won’t even start about day 92 or the big oil situation in the Gulf, but you see why I have to have side hobbies, right?

Today, the senate will be voting on the nomination of Elena Kagan. The vote was pushed back a week, per a request by Republican senators (they say, to encourage colleagues to vote against her – I say, to attempt to dig up dirt). I’m not thrilled with this nomination, but I’m less thrilled with the state of affairs in Congress these days. I wish more of our legislators were about the business of fulfilling their constituents’ needs instead of filling their pockets and staying in office.

All I can say about this, is after the debacle with the black farmers (who did not have the benefit of a youtube clip), nothing surprises me about what goes on at the USDA anymore. “Testing, testing… Is this mic on? I made sure a white farmer lost his farm. Because he was uppity. Testing, testing…” Seriously? Sigh.