Morning News.

I won’t even start about day 92 or the big oil situation in the Gulf, but you see why I have to have side hobbies, right?

Today, the senate will be voting on the nomination of Elena Kagan. The vote was pushed back a week, per a request by Republican senators (they say, to encourage colleagues to vote against her – I say, to attempt to dig up dirt). I’m not thrilled with this nomination, but I’m less thrilled with the state of affairs in Congress these days. I wish more of our legislators were about the business of fulfilling their constituents’ needs instead of filling their pockets and staying in office.

All I can say about this, is after the debacle with the black farmers (who did not have the benefit of a youtube clip), nothing surprises me about what goes on at the USDA anymore. “Testing, testing… Is this mic on? I made sure a white farmer lost his farm. Because he was uppity. Testing, testing…” Seriously? Sigh.

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