Dear Lord,

Thank You so much for inventing grandmothers! My oldest son was having one of those teen-angst, let-me-test-my-parents moments. How did we get here? I’m so thankful for my mother being a voice of patient wisdom in his life because he had mowed down every good nerve I had through his attempts to ┬ájustify behavior that could only be characterized as stupid and not in his best interest. How do kids go from being so cute and sweet to this? Sigh.

Taking our kids to work.

Yesterday was “Take Our Kids to Work” day. Al went with his father, but I think next year Nat and maybe Little A will be going, too. Al is a teenager now, so he has the whole, “what’s the big deal?” attitude, but I remember going to visit my parents’ workplace so I know it’s a big deal. I’m slowly learning to emphasize important concepts with my son while ignoring the attitude part.