Winter advisory?

This morning, I woke up before dawn, and the air was a bit too crisp, so I checked (and adjusted) the thermostat. I went and took a look outside and at first glance it appeared that snow had fallen. I later read that we have a winter advisory (snow and ice) for the next day or so. I knew it was a bit cold, but I didn’t know we had come to that time of the year when we have warnings and advisories. I guess it’s a good thing that I have plenty of tea and coffee on hand to keep me warm. Isn’t this piggy bank cute? I’ve been seeing them over the last year or so at the red dot boutique. I’ve seen all kinds of piggy. Shoe fund piggy, cowboy piggy, angel piggy, devil piggy, even a super hero piggy. I keep thinking about getting one, but it would sort of defeat the purpose of saving money to put in the piggy bank if I started a collection of piggy banks with no end in sight and no money in the piggy.

Not your ordinary flash mob.

Maybe I’m not up on what’s going on with flash mobs, but I think this one is very creatively shot. I just found out that this guy appears to specialize in flash mobs. He did one at walmart, burger king, starbucks, and there’s even a video at a gas station. I have to respect the hustle, because the mob flash below almost had ME sweating, and I was watching it. LOLOL.