Not your ordinary flash mob.

Maybe I’m not up on what’s going on with flash mobs, but I think this one is very creatively shot. I just found out that this guy appears to specialize in flash mobs. He did one at walmart, burger king, starbucks, and there’s even a video at a gas station. I have to respect the hustle, because the mob flash below almost had ME sweating, and I was watching it. LOLOL.

5 thoughts on “Not your ordinary flash mob.

  1. I got up and danced with these guys. I’ may be old but I still love to move it. When I got winded, I stopped and chuckled at the video. Hoping someday will see and be in a live Flash Mob.

    Thank you you tjsthings

  2. Love, love love flash mobs! Our kids at school particpated in a flash mob during lunch, and the purpose was to promote our ‘Sources of Strength’ week. ~Cris

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