Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s something how you can pass the same three or four blocks every day without really appreciating it.¬†Yesterday I was in a parade with Max and Little A. I’m so thankful to God that there was no rain, because we were expecting it. I know I’m their mom and far from a non-biased observer :), but they did really well. I had fun helping them. I saw a lot of stuff along the parade route that I either had not seen before or had not taken the time to pay attention to in my busy comings and goings. Maybe the improved weather of Spring and Summer will give me an opportunity to get to know these places.

I would say back in the saddle,

but it’s not like I ever got out. The kids are all back to school and the hub’s back at work. YAY! LOLOL. I’m about to get my paint chips because this Spring I WILL be completing what I started last year, come rain, shine or wind. The younger kids are going to be celebrating Dr. Seuss with a breakfast this week (Green Eggs and Ham) and next week there will be a St. Patrick’s Day Parade through the neighborhood. Max and Little A’s school is big on St. Paddy’s because the founder of their school (which was one of the first in the district) was Irish. Last year I wasn’t sure if Little A would be big enough to participate, but she’s a first grader now and more mature and Max feels he’s mature enough to go anywhere his sister goes. Smh.