Sick, sick, sick…

Sunday I woke up, tried to get out of bed, and got back into bed. I haven’t been too sick to get out of bed in years. I don’t miss the feeling. My sister shot me messages throughout the day. Thanks!! Monday I was a little better but still awful and today is not so bad= ¬†until I try to stand up. Suffice it to say that I maybe short in the post department until I’m back up to full energy. Can I just say you’re not in the best of shape when you start thinking of meals in terms of soup and tea combinations. Sigh.

Working from bed.

Not feeling too well today. I think it’s the combination of exposure to the kids’ and their friends’ germies, a little less sleep lately and the changes in the weather. Whatever it is, my body decided to protest, and here I am. I think most of my work will involve a pillow and my mp3 player. Goodnight.