Monday News: Trouble in (Republican) Paradise.

It looks like things are not going as swimmingly as I thought with the GOP. Sarah Palin has not received her invitation to the GOP’s nomination assembly in Tampa and the tea party people do not appreciate it. That has to stink to go from Vice Presidential nominee to being uninvited. On one hand, Sarah Palin has not been a big fan of the presumptive nominee, but on the other, she does have influence and the race is still very close.


The current political climate in our country is unacceptably hostile and both parties have a hand in the situation (which is why I’m an Independent and super glad), but when you mark a political opponent’s district with cross hairs, and they end up getting shot, you might want to rethink your stuff, whether your name is Sarah Palin or not.

Fox News – What’s their motto again?

Fair and Balanced. That’s it. They didn’t say anything about accurate or forthright, huh? Sarah Palin is hosting a show this week, called “Real American Stories”. One of the stories highlighted in the special, is that of LL Cool J (James Todd Smith). Conservatives have been patting themselves on the back about the interview, even attempting to assert that the reputation that the Tea Party has these days of being, well, big ol’ bigots, is not well founded because of its smokey and the bandit jacket wearing ambassador’s participation in the show with Mr. Smith, who tweeted the following this week about the appearance, “Fox lifted an old interview I gave in 2008 to someone else & are misrepresenting to the public in order to promote Sarah Palins Show. WOW.”. ¬†Fox cut the interview and released a snooty comment. Here’s the original promo.