The two hour gas leak.

San Bruno fire image from

In my area, there is this commercial about what to do when you smell gas in your home. There is this couple and they smell gas and they are basically told to get out, call the gas people and wait for them to come. Quickly. Saturday morning I smelled gas in the kitchen. I checked the burners on our stove to ensure that nothing was left on. Then I went into the laundry room and everything was fine with the gas dryer. I ran the fan for a couple of moments and the smell was gone. Until I opened the garage door. Then there was a cloud of gas. I had my husband call the leak in to the gas company. The furnace had kicked on because it was so cold and nothing was unusual about that. My husband said that the gas company said that it could take TWO HOURS for them to get to our home. I checked the lines and found one hissing. I picked up the phone and helped them come to a more satisfactory timetable for our needs. They got here quickly, discovered the leak and shut off the flow.

After what happened in San Bruno, I would have thought that calling natural gas people about a leak would result in quick resolution, you know, without my special brand of phone escalation. Oh well.