Clip ons

A few weeks ago I saw some nice glass beads and some carved black beads. I I actually had plans to make a statement necklace with the black beads and a matching pair of earrings. Let’s just say that my youngest had a liking for the beads and the earrings survived. Since the glass is a bit big for hooks or leverbacks (the beads alone are two inches long), I thought they were perfect to be clip ons. I’m still learning. One of my goals for the coming year is to take my jewelry to the next level. When I find out what that is, I’ll let you know. 🙂

My first pair of earrings

These earrings have been an ongoing project for me. Some of my original plans included white beads that did not work out. I loved them when I bought them but I just hated them when I was working out my design planning. This was also my first chance working with REAL GOLD findings, including jumps.  I think they turned out right, though if I had it to do again, I would use more crystal beads and gold balls. I’m excited because the process of making these has given me lots of ideas.

More jewelry projects next week.

Sorry that I don’t have any projects for this week! I lost a few days doing the whole tooth thing. I’ll be going back Saturday (and a couple of Saturdays after that  – good times), but I have some projects in the works and I’ll have the whole medication thing under control (enough to keep me moving but not enough to have me sideways) by then. I have my eye on a new gizmo so maybe I’ll have something extra to report.

Too much of a good thing.

Have you ever started out on a project that became, um, a bit too ambitious? Well, this week, I did, when I started to make my first statement necklace. I really thought I was ready for the big time. After seeing lots and lots of designs, I was armed with a vision – big pearls, chains and small crystals, sort of a hopped-up Chanel-inspired piece.

Then I sat down with my beads and design board, and something was amiss. The pearls were too big. WAY too big. Then the flowers I was thinking about were a bit too Springy. I wound up with the piece to the left, but I am going to try a few more things with it, including some hand knotted silk (or silk-ish – to keep costs reasonable) thread. Little A really likes the pearls the way they are, so I may have to make a smaller version for her.