Meet Britney Exline. She’s been busy.

She is the youngest engineer to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania (at the age of nineteen). Miss Exline is also the youngest African-American female student to be accepted by an Ivy League school (15), fluent in five languages, minored in psychology, math and classical studies and has a passion for helping others through volunteering and has participated in the One Laptop Per Child program in Cameroon.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

I thought this story was so cool when I read about it last night. A Boston family was making preparations to go into foreclosure when they discovered an Action Comics #1, the 1938 debut of Superman. The comic book is valued at $250,000 dollars (though some have sold for over $1 million), which was enough for the family to keep their home. The book is believed to have been stashed by the owner’s father. I think it is really neat that Superman actually came through for these people.

For the Saints Fans…

who grew up with King Cakes and throws and people who ate/eat fish and seafood because it wasn’t/isn’t meat.

who represented for the Who Dat? even when they were referred to as the Aints and the only people wearing Saints jerseys were, well, Saints. This would include my younger brother.

Congratulations, y’all!!!

Congratulations are in order!

csmTomorrow, the Army will make Command Sergeant Major Teresa L. King commandant of its Drill Sergeant school in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. This post means that she will be in charge of Drill Sergeant training for the entire United States Army. She is the first woman to serve in this capacity, ever.