The Soup Diaries. Day 3

When I saw Pacific Natural Foods Curried Red Lentil Soup, I was sort of skeptical, especially since I am a huge curry fan. It was amazing! It has mostly natural, organic ingredients and is gluten free and non-dairy (though for those with allergies, it contains coconut). Each one cup serving contains 140 calories. The soup has a mild spiciness that does not overpower the other herbs. The sweetness of coconut milk gives it the flavor of Thai green curry, which I really enjoy.  I have had a few lentil soups that had made me give up on them, but no more!!

In other news…

My mouth is healing up pretty well and with the exception of nighttime discomfort, the otc stuff is working for me. The kids and I ran an errand today so we’re getting back to regular life. School starts September 8. There is a special breakfast for kindergarten parents called the boo hoo breakfast. I may go and meet the other parents, but I’ll be happy for Little A. She is really ready to go back to school. She let me know a few weeks ago, and when I did not take her back to school, she let her father know as well. I think all of the kids will be glad to get back to their school year routines and I’ll be glad to have my personal time (or at least the appearance of it) back.

The Soup Diaries. Day 2

The first time I had potato soup, I was eating it in a flight, so let’s just say it did not leave the best impression. I wish they would have had Imagine Natural Creations Red Bliss Potato & Roasted Garlic Soup. It’s low sodium, but not low flavor and it only has 90 calories per one cup serving. It does not taste like it is gluten free or non-dairy. I almost felt guilty about taking it easy, catching up on my books and eating my tasty soup. Almost.

The Soup Diaries. Day 1.

One of the wonderful things about having oral surgery is the opportunity to eat soft and liquid food. Good times, right?Today I had Imagine Natural Creations creamy broccoli soup. It was delicious – smooth, balanced, and filling – and easy to make. I’ve used Imagine in the past for my husband when he’d have the flu or something and they are usually high quality soups that have fresh, organic ingredients and are low in sodium.

Creamy broccoli soup is  also non-dairy and gluten free and happened to be marked down at Safeway (actually all of the Imagine soups were), which was a bonus. Since they average about 70 or 80 cents a serving at regular price, I think it’s a good choice for a special treat or as part of a healthy lunch. Each one cup serving of the broccoli soup only has about 60 calories and 15 from fat, so neat things like cheesy toast or croutons can be added without guilt.