The Soup Diaries. Day 1.

One of the wonderful things about having oral surgery is the opportunity to eat soft and liquid food. Good times, right?Today I had Imagine Natural Creations creamy broccoli soup. It was delicious – smooth, balanced, and filling – and easy to make. I’ve used Imagine in the past for my husband when he’d have the flu or something and they are usually high quality soups that have fresh, organic ingredients and are low in sodium.

Creamy broccoli soup is  also non-dairy and gluten free and happened to be marked down at Safeway (actually all of the Imagine soups were), which was a bonus. Since they average about 70 or 80 cents a serving at regular price, I think it’s a good choice for a special treat or as part of a healthy lunch. Each one cup serving of the broccoli soup only has about 60 calories and 15 from fat, so neat things like cheesy toast or croutons can be added without guilt.

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